About Us

About Us

Wooden products Mr. Woodware is not an ordinary product, but products made with a long tradition. ''Dry farming'' is passed down from generation to generation in our family and has always been the primary income source.

Already our great-grandfather walked from house to house with woodenware goods on his back, all over Europe, and the rest of the family made them and sent to him by train.

The father continued the tradition, who instead of peddling, with a canopy on his back and walking house to house, replaced it with housekeeping. He set off by car every morning and approached several households in a faster way.

Today, our generation wooden products are not only the primary source of income but much more. Even though we wanted to break our centuries-old tradition a few years ago, we stopped in time and realized that making wooden products is our mission and that we are called to maintain a warm home of friendly materials. We are happy to be aware of the fascinating life cycle of wood from the very beginning, so we are very respectful. As a result, we use only wood from a geographically certified area and where afforestation is controlled according to local regulations.

In the production of products, we strive to use the highest quality natural materials that are gentle on the skin and friendly to health. Because our wooden products have an exceptional value, we have marked them with Mr. Woodware's unique and honorary name.

 Mr.Woodware wooden products:
- breathe, live, radiate safety, and a pleasant smell.
- due to its incredible ability to regulate, it gives a healthy and natural climate in the room.
- control humidity and heat and are also the most nature.
- friendly household and creative material.

 With wooden products, Mr. Woodware, we go into the world with pride because we know that we will bring a lot of warmth and pleasant use to the home.

Mr. Woodware Family :=)