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About Us

About Us

Mr. Woodware products are not ordinary products, they are made with a long tradition and are made to last. The production and sales of wooden products has been a tradition through several generations.  After all these years, we perfected all our products.

Our great-grandfather already walked from house to house with woodenware goods on his back, all over Europe, and the rest of the family made them and sent them to him by train.

The father has continued the tradition, who instead of walking with a huge basket on his back, he set off by car every morning and approached several households faster.

Fast forward to 2016, when Mr. Woodware was born with the reason to start offering our outstanding products to our loyal customers outside of Europe as we didn't want they feel to lose out on Mr. Woodware products.

So today, we can reach thousands and thousands of customers per month and serve them at a very high level.

We only use the wood from geographically certified areas and control tree cutting according to local regulations.

We strive to use the finest wood possible where the unique production process made every product smooth on touch and made no cracks or splinters.

Mr. Woodware products:
- breathe, live, radiate safety, and a pleasant smell.
- due to its incredible ability to regulate, it gives a healthy and natural climate in the room.
- control humidity and heat and are also the most natural.
- friendly household and creative material.

We are confident and proud of Mr. Woodware products because we know what the customer will receive after placing an order. And the result? - Happy customers who want to buy more.

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