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Wood burning Starter Kit
Wood burning Starter Kit
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Wood burning Starter Kit

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Are you looking to start your very own crafting business or at least want to become a "hobby" crafter? Then this Starter Kit is for you. It was designed to start crafting and burning your ideas on the high-quality beech wood spoons loved by tens of thousands of customers within a matter of minutes.

What you get in the Starter Kit?

- 48PCS High Quality 12-Inch Wooden Spoons

- Powerful Wood burning (pyrography) machine + 20 different pyrography wire tips can meet your different burning needs.


Everyone who already bought wooden spoons in the past has faced with “crappy” bamboo spoons with huge cracks and splinters and different shapes and even sizes. Not to mention that not smooth spoons can easily cause a bloodied finger. Auch! 

Don’t worry! Here at Mr. Woodware we never use bamboo to make our spoons because we don’t want to hurt anybody! Using special FINTECH™  technology allows us that the spoons are fine treated after production to make sure the smoothness is on the highest level possible. End result? You don’t need to worry about irregularities anymore.

What is FINTECH™ technology?

This is a special final production process where our spoons get a final smooth surface and shape. The final thin layer of the wood gives us the best surface for all further intentions. That’s the reason why wood-burning or gluing is so quick and easy.

You can use them in many different ways:

  • Wood burning decorations
  • Bridal shower gifts
  • Kids puppets 
  • Cooking, Mixing


  • All Mr. Woodware spoons have no misleading shapes and sizes (a rarity on the market).


  • Large 2-inch concave bowl
  • Massive 3/69” handle diameter provides that the wooden spoon doesn’t bend and break in your hand. 

Wood burning machine features:

  • Temp Control: 50W wood burner with digitally adjustable temperature control make it possible to heat up and cool down the wire nibs in seconds.

  • Easy to Use: You can start your woodburning directly with ease since it comes with English instruction and the full set you need.

  • Versatile: Different tips for various types of wood-burning can help elevate your artwork on wood and gourd.

  • Lightweight Design: This wood burning kit has small handles that are easier to draw with and to use for longer periods of time.

  • Gift-oriented: An awesome gift for yourself, family, and friends for professionals and beginners. Great for Birthdays, Anniversary, Graduation, Festivals and much more.

High-quality wood-burning kits, with digital display temperature control, making it possible to work on wood, leather, and more. And 20 different pyrography wire tips can meet your different burning needs.